Organic Clothing

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead (World famous anthropologist)

Cotton is the most popular material used for clothing. It accounts for over 50% of global textile sales. However, conventional cotton is very damaging to the environment. Organic cotton clothing is the way to go! 

Some of our imaginations picture organic clothing as being like hessian sacks – not very fashionable! But organic cotton clothing looks exactly the same as conventional clothing. The added benefits of organic clothing are that it tends to be softer, more comfortable, and durable.

Organic cotton is farmed naturally, avoiding harmful pesticides and other chemicals.This process is safer and cleaner for the environment. Being organic means organic agriculture is not exposing our people, soil, air and water to these harsh chemicals.

My Heart Beats Green specializes in organic cotton clothing. We carefully choose organic cotton fabrics that are made from certified organic cotton yarn (certified by Control Union). Certification assures you that the organic cotton is genuine and is grown, manufactured and approved by the Control Union’s organic standards.

The dyes used on all print designs are water-based and environmentally friendly.

There are a number of reasons that more and more people are switching to organic clothing. People are concerned about the:

Environment – not wanting to contribute to the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemicals used in the end to end process of conventional cotton clothing

Fair employment conditions – wanting to ensure that workers are paid fairly and have good working conditions

Transportation impacts – wanting to minimise their eco footprint by buying locally

Health of our families – concerned about the chemical treatments for conventional cotton that can be absorbed by the skin, especially babies

Health of the conventional cotton farmers – farmers are exposed to the harmful chemicals used in the farming of conventional cotton.

Others like the soft feel and the quality of organic cotton.

Here are a few facts about why people are switching to organic cotton and staying away from conventional cotton:

Conventionally grown cotton accounts for more than 25% of worldwide insecticide use and 10% of the pesticides. Pesticides used on cotton are among the most hazardous. Some of these are known to be cancer causing.

Children are at greater risk for pesticide-related health problems than adults. Millions of children in the receive up to 35% of their estimated lifetime dose of some carcinogenic pesticides by age five through food, contaminated drinking water, household use, and pesticide drift.

It takes one pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to conventionally grow the three pounds of cotton needed to make a T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Farm workers working in conventionally grown cotton fields around the world suffer from an abundance of toxic exposures and related health problems. Pesticides used on cotton cause acute poisonings and chronic illness to farm workers worldwide. Acute respiratory symptoms and other health effects in communities surrounding cotton farms are correlated with high use of defoliation chemicals.

Organic cotton is imperative for ourselves, our family, ourcommunity and our planet.

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