Organic Kids Clothing

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.”
Dr Suess, The Lorax

More and more parents are passionate and committed to protecting the earth and its precious resources.  Their desire is to not only maintain our natural environment for our current generation, but also to preserve the world for future generations. Buying organic children’s clothing helps to create a lifestyle that is healthy, natural and sustainable.  Let’s create a generation of eco kids.

Creating a natural lifestyle is also of great benefit to your child. Organic cotton t-shirts are healthier for your child, because they are free from hash chemicals and toxins.  Organic cotton won’t irritate your eco child’s skin or cause allergy.  My Heart Beats Green’s eco kids’ t-shirts are really comfortable, feel better on the skin, are softer, clean well, and will last longer – 100% organic cotton.

My Heart Beats Green’s popular range of organic children’s clothing includes t-shirts with cool prints. Your child’s organic cotton tee will keep up with their active life as they play and enjoy life.  Natural fabric feels softer than your usual tee-shirt, looks great, and is made to last.

Embrace a child’s natural spirit and delight in the world by buying organic kids’ clothes.

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